Our mission is simple. Support and champion local farmers to bring you the very best produce available.

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Lamb Flank

A perfect cut for slow roasting

Liver and Kidney

You’re bound to know someone who loves liver and onions if you don’t yourself

Lamb Chops

Probably the most popular cut of lamb. Our lamb chops aren’t the size of lollipops, they’re from well bred lambs

Leg of Lamb

A popular cut and ideal for wowing guests or entertaining family. Plenty to go around

Lamb Shoulder

Perfect for slow cooking on the bone allowing those flavours to mature and come through.

Smaller flocks. Higher quality

Our flocks are lovingly tended to every day by Jack and Tom. They have rich diets with vitamin and mineral licks always available. We rear our own lambs and have also partnered with trusted farmers to supply us when demand is high.

We believe careful and consistent animal husbandry are the keys in order successfully rear superior quality lamb.


Non-Religiously Slaughtered

We work closely with our farmers

We have partnered with local farmers to help us meet demand. We have built strong relationships that benefit, you the consumer as well as the farmer who gets a guaranteed premium for their sheep. This means that when you buy from us you’re supporting local farmers that have some of the highest welfare standards around. Our vetting process is very meticulous. We take into consideration the grazing, grass type, access to minerals as well as a whole host of other things.

Our farmers need supporting in Britain and that’s why we are taking steps to ensure we build a sustainable business model that supports them and the growth of the industry.

When you buy from us you are directly supporting

Local Businesses

You’re helping local businesses get a fair price for their amazing produce

Local Farmers

UK farmers work hard all year round to produce the best food in the world

Local Economy

By shopping local, you’re improving your local area and economy. We source services from local businesses

The Environment

We work with farmers and stakeholders to ensure conservation is taken seriously 

Seasonings to choose from



Plus cuts in every half lamb box

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