About The Experience

Lamb2ewe is bringing you more than just a butchers shop. 

Comprised of our first-class customer service, you will be able to see butchery like never before, learn about the art of dry ageing, enjoy hand-raised pork pies as well as an artisan bakery range. Plus so much more

We Believe in Quality

A Farm to Table Butcher

est 2018

Our Story

Founded by school friends Jack and Tom, Lamb2ewe set out to change the way in which we produce and consume food in the UK. with the vision of being able to reduce waste, give farmers better prices for their produce, reduce our environmental impact, champion animal welfare and only supply none-RS produce. Our flocks are lovingly tended to every day by Jack and Tom. They have rich diets with vitamin and mineral licks always available. We rear our own lambs and have also partnered with trusted farmers to supply us when demand is high.

We believe careful and consistent animal husbandry are the keys in order tp successfully rear superior quality meat

Quality, Expertise, Mouth- Watering Goodness

Our Mission

We aim to provide you with the best highest welfare, ethical, non-religiously slaughtered meat from across Yorkshire. We cherish the environment champion British farming and deliver quality. 

Our Vision

We hope that our food-conscious shoppers will pave the way for a new age of food consumption. We want to educate people to eat better higher quality meat and to eat less. Educating the consumer to the advantages of ethically sourced meat and to global effects of over-farming land and the strain it can place on an ecosystem. We deliver our produce via carbon-neutral delivery in sustainable eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled or composted. We take the farce out of sourcing each individual element of a healthy diet. 

Our Farms

As well as supplying ewe with our own lamb and beef, we have partnered with small local family-run farms to supply us with other products and produce. 

Our Process

Lamb2ewe is not a traditional off the shelf butcher, but our retail experience will offer a traditional offering along with new innovative experiences to make food shopping more educational and fun. 

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