Passionate Farmers

Farmers work hard every day of the year. We want to offer our suppliers and farmers security in their prices so that they aren’t dependant on the market price.  We guarantee them a premium for the produce. As long as they meet our high standards they get their premium.

Our Farmers

The Best in the Business

By working closely with our farmers we are able to closely monitor the animals’ welfare and health. We carefully vet and assess our farmers and suppliers before we start using their produce. We do this for several reasons ;

  • To ensure the animals’ welfare
  • To protect the consumer
  • To protect the environment
  • To support local business
  • To ensure we have only premium produce

So not only are you supporting us when you shop with us. You’re supporting families, young farmers, conservation and animal welfare.

Innovation in farming

Uncompromising Quality

By guaranteeing our farmers a premium for only the best quality we increase the level of quality care. Our farmers are already carefully vetted but by incentivising them with price security we help raise the industry standard.