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1 x Box of 6 Organic free-Range eggs.

Please note: Due to transportation issues we can only ship eggs to local customers in the HD postcode area.

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About Pingle Cluck Organic Eggs, in their own words

πŸ“ Our chickens will not be debeaked at 1 day old unlike most free range chicks and EU organic chicks. They won’t need to be debeaked because they will have lots of space to run around and dodge any potential bullies! The only way to avoid eggs laid by beak-trimmed hens is to buy those certified organic by the Soil Association, which does not support the practice.
πŸ“ Our chickens will have a minimum of 10sqm EACH to roam as opposed to free range chickens and EU organic chickens who get less than half of that at 4sqm each!
πŸ“ The Soil Association standards say farms registered with them can keep a maximum of 2000 laying chickens however other systems can build armies of up to 16,000 plus. Imagine the lack of hygiene, competition for food and the bullying that goes on with those kinds of numbers! πŸ’€ Our brood is only 100 strong πŸ’ͺ🏻
πŸ“ Our chickens will be out roaming from dawn till dusk because they can. Free range chickens haven’t enjoyed as healthy and as happy a life as we’d like to think. There is still a limited number of doors in the sheds, meaning some free range hens especially in large broods will never step outside the shed 😒
πŸ“ Our lucky ladies will enjoy a much larger space to roost at night. Sleeping arrangements are 6 hens per sqm whereas free range space is 50% less (9 hens per sqm). This increase in space should help reduce aggressive behaviour and even cannibalism πŸ™ˆ
πŸ“ Our organic chickens will not be injected with antibiotics, unlike most free range chickens because the risk of disease is much less in small broods that get to roam large organic areas.
πŸ“ Our organic chickens will eat natural, chemical-free food that has not been genetically modified and is certified by the Soil Association, unlike free range chickens.
πŸ“ The Soil Association rules state that we have a duty to rest the land for 9 months between broods to allow the soil to recover and the vegetation to grow back so the next brood of lucky ladies remain happy and free from disease. The resting period for a free-range system is only 2 months so the land doesn’t get the chance to recover properly.
πŸ“ We will check our ladies daily to make sure they are happy and out of the shed roaming the land. We will also collect the eggs daily and make sure that all eggs are delivered fresh. Note: Eggs can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 weeks from the date they were laid.
So to wrap it up I hope you agree our way isn’t just about avoiding chemicals, it’s a holistic ethos that encompasses a profound respect for our livestock as well as the land so this is why organic eggs, farmed to UK (not EU like ALDI!!!) Soil Association standards are priced higher than your average free range or EU organic certified egg.

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Fresh tasty eggs, ethically produced and happy hens = very happy customer :)

I have a tray of 30 eggs delivered each week, because having tasted them my mum and my grown up children loved them so much we share the trays. I love knowing that the hens are well looked after and free to roam during the day. I also love the taste of my childhood, real eggs as mum said. I would recommend Pringle Cluck Organic eggs to everyone - as long as my family can still share a 30 egg tray every week. Fabulous company, nice people and happy, healthy chickens producing tasty and chemical free eggs.