Dexter Top Rump


1Kg Dexter Top Rump

4Kg available. Select quantity for weight

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Out of stock

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Dexter Cuts will be shipped early June. If you are combining these cuts with additional products it will all ship at the same time when the Dexter is ready. Please email for more information

Our prime Dexter beef has been born and raised just down the road from our farm and spent the last month with us for finishing to ensure maximum fitness.

Top Rump is a tasty cut ideal for roasting. Entertain your guests with this great tasting cut. Cook low and slow to bring out the flavour and melt in the mouth beef.

Available in 1Kg cuts. Change order quantity to select the weight you want.

Only 4Kg available! Order now to avoid disappointment

All guaranteed none-RS as per our slaughter and welfare policy.