Quarter Lamb Pre-Order


Premium Yorkshire quarter lamb box

  • 6+ chops
  • 1 flank joint
  • Roasting joints Shoulder or Leg cuts
  • Pack of mince
  • Liver
  • Lamb steaks


If you would like to contact us before you purchase for an ETA please email us at sales@lamb2ewe.co.uk

Our quarter lamb boxes comprise of the following cuts

  • 6+ chops
  • 1 flank joint
  • Shoulder roasting joint
  • Leg roasting joint
  • Pack of mince
  • Liver – on occasion we may not be able to include after our inspection. Ewe will receive a coupon for your next order if we are unable to include it.
  • 2 x Lamb steaks

This is the same premium quality lamb you have come to know from Lamb2ewe but in a more manageable portion.

Estimated weight 5kg+

All of the cuts are conveniently bagged and the chops are 4 to a bag. This makes it more convenient for filling the fridge or freezer.

Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email. We will then send you another email confirming delivery and arranging a time convenient for you.

Non-Religiously slaughtered see our welfare and slaughter policy for more info

For more information on our seasonings including allergen information please visit the allergens page

This reduces waste, animal stress, energy, fuel, delivery and travel time. Making our lamb eco-friendly. If you would like more information before ordering please use the Facebook chat in the bottom right of your screen or email sales@lamb2ewe.co.uk and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Thoroughly enjoy the lamb I ordered always tender and succulent. The liver was superb. All so much better knowing the animals are humanely slaughtered - very important to me. All packaged so well and can go straight into the freezer. Would like to be able to return the packaging for re use.

Best Meat Ever

I have received 4 chickens and 1/4 lamb recently. It arrived in good packaging and still chilled. Looks and tastes great!! I have bought from Lamb2ewe before and the meat is tasty and succulent. Cant imagine buying from anywhere else! I feel comfortable that the animals are well looked after and slaughter is traditional and animals do not suffer. Thankyou lads!!


Tasted the first of our quarter lamb pack today, the lamb steaks were delicious. Very tasty. Looking forward to the rest.

Beautiful Lamb

Just reminds me of what meat used to taste like , meat hasn’t inspired me for a while now but have been reinspired , we enjoy every mouthful thank you

Dragons Den

I saw them on DD and liked their story and what they were selling. No regrets ordering. Just eaten the shoulder of lamb and it was so tender. Knew it would be as the meat looks great raw. Will definitely be ordering again. Also thinking about the pork pack. Ummm?