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Happy as Larry 🙈

I received my first purchase and was happy with the look of it.
The lamb steaks were absolutely delicious and knowing that I am eating non RS meat is top priority the initial outlay can seem a bit steep but when it’s broken down it’s well worth the quality, taste & peace of mind. I will definitely be buying again in the future and can’t wait to get stuck in to the rest of it.

Best Beef Ever

Absolutely lovely, tender, juicy, a melt in your mouth moment. I will definitely buy again.

Wow wow wow!

Just cooked our recently bought fillet steak using help from one of the great British chef guys recipe as I didn’t want to mess it up.
Turned out amazing, melt in the mouth beef, full of flavour! Definitely worth the cost!

Lovely great value mixed lamb box

The lamb joint was beautiful and tender and the veg lovely and fresh.
Not bad all the other items yet but expect they will be just as good.

Amazing value and quality

Excellent quality and value

Cannot be happier. The meat looks incredible and having cooked the rump I can verify it tastes superb also. It was like butter! My only issue being, I normally cook Middle Eastern food with lots of flavours, but the meat is so good, I’ll be having mince and onions and standard roast joints to make the most out of the delicious flavour.
It’s important to me to know where its come from and probably how it's being reared and its also a rare breed too if other folk did the same they would be saving rare breeds as we all know if theres no demand breeds disappear and rare breeds take longer to mature and so have bags more flavour.

Pork pies , Dexter beef etc.

Wonderful taste to everything I have tried. Pork pies were exceptional. Had serloin and beef rib so far taste was amazing. Thanks also to Tom for personal delivery 🙂

Definitely worth it

Succulent, tender will definitely order again

Succulent Chicken

Speedy delivery & tasted Lovely!

Saddleback Pork Box

Good tasty meat, British & environmentally friendly packaging.
Great customer service.


Played our order and within days the Lamb arrived.

Very Happy with the Customer Service and the quality of the meat.

I haven’t eaten Lamb in years because of the ethical issues with Religious Slaughter, so pleased that Lamb 2 Ewe is 💯% not Religiously Slaughtered.

Will be buying again!!

Fresh tasty eggs, ethically produced and happy hens = very happy customer 🙂

I have a tray of 30 eggs delivered each week, because having tasted them my mum and my grown up children loved them so much we share the trays. I love knowing that the hens are well looked after and free to roam during the day. I also love the taste of my childhood, real eggs as mum said. I would recommend Pringle Cluck Organic eggs to everyone - as long as my family can still share a 30 egg tray every week. Fabulous company, nice people and happy, healthy chickens producing tasty and chemical free eggs.

Quarter Lamb Box

This was my first order from Lamb2ewe & it did not disappoint. From the quality of the meat, to the sustainable packaging, I was happy with every aspect of the order, including the excellent customer service.

Mutton Box

From asking questions to ordering to delivery. The quality of meat, and even the packaging is 100%.
Would recommend to anyone.


The lamb i have tried so far had been tasty and tender. Will be purchasing again

Super Sizzling

These sausages are the best I have tasted.


These pork pies are absolutely delicious.


The meat is delicious. Just had a steak. Wow. So tasty. It arrived in a well packed box. Excellent delivery. Superb service. Thank you.

order not delivered

Delivery company had a problem and couldn't deliver. Tom contacted me immediately and will send me a new parcel this week. Very impressed with customer service. Every company, including delivery companies have problems from time to time. It's the way they deal with it. Very impressed and i'm certain the meat will taste wonderful.

Loved it

Had the top side joint yesterday was lovley and cooked amazing tasty and tender

Excellent Products and Personal Service

I hadn't had lamb for such a long time because of the current Religuous Slaughter practices in the UK. When Lamb2Ewe came on the scene with their promises and clear animal Welfare Statements, I had to order a Half Lamb.
When it was delivered I was like a child in a sweet shop. It was the box that just kept giving. The items where well protected and clearly labelled.. But the proof of the pudding was the eating and it wasn't long before the leg was in the oven and I was not disappointed. The whole house filled with the aroma of roasted Lamb but this was nothing compared to the taste of this fresh British Yorkshire Lamb. It was supposed to make a few meals but guess what it didn't .. I couldn't keep my nibbling fingers off it... Everything in the box was delicious and had to freeze some but they weren't frozen for long. Lamb Shoulder, Leg, Chops were all delicious and Roasted Crispy Lamb was the icing on the cake, Lamb Crackling...ummm. I wonder if Lamb Mince could appear on the lists especially for the upcoming BBQ season for the Koftas?
As all their Meat/Poultry is guaranteed as not Religiously Slaughtered I am going to try their Beef range next and I am sure I will not be disappointed and this will be followed by a Poultry.
I thank Lamb2Ewe for bring Lamb back to menu for me. I highly recommend this business and hope it gets regular support from Old and New customers alike.

Another superb box

Another superb box full of great meat, well packaged with all cuts individually written up, a great help to those of us who do not recognize different cuts of meat. Super delivery arrived as forcast. Will only order from a company such as Lamb2ewe as its is NON RS.

Very tasty

Wonderful selection of succulent pork - yum!


I have purchased meat from this Company several times now and the food us amazing value,tasty, the best I have had for a long time and it is non-RS which is SO important to me

Top class
Fabulous flavour I’ve got a regular order

Quarter lamb

Very good, my second order