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Treated myself to this steak. It was lovely, really tasty.

So good

These were soooo tasty!


Diced was lovely in a stew. Chops and steaks were super tasty. Shoulder roasted perfectly, well worth the money.

Braising Steak
sheila martin
braising steak

really good tasty just enough marbling will be on my next order

Mutton box
Elizabeth Wilkinson
Good value

I have for years searched for mutton as I find it has a fuller taste. Itried this box and as with all mutton brilliant taste. Value for money. Even my dogs got cetrain cuts and scoffed the lot in seconds.

Excellent service

My first order from Lamb2ewe, half a lamb box bought as a Christmas present for my son and his family.
Only placed the order last week, the busiest week of the year, and it was delivered on Christmas Eve.
Helpful communication and excellent service, can't wait to taste the lamb!
Thank you

Well worth the money

Quarter Lamb Box
Wayne Mee

My box of lamb arrived and really happy with it you have to pay for quality ands it's well worth it.

Half a Lamb Box
Mavis Morgan
Long lamb

Very very long time to wait for my expensive lamb but you cant argue that it is nice tasting just 16 days is too long and price is too much even on the offer . Would be out of most peoples price range but that said if your looking for top top top end of lamb then you have found it . But its the most expensive that I have found anywhere . So I wont order again til my boat next comes in .

Braising Steak
Di Linton
The way meat used to be!

Delicious - no shrinkage; no white 'gunge'. Very tasty. Does two meals for three people. What Winter was made for!

Rolled Pork Loin
Di Linton

The Pork loin roasts wonderfully. No shrinkage. We cut the joint up into three, and so we feed 3 x 3 people.

Fillet Steak
gary lee (ADI)

Very good quality very good service great non RS meats. Only place I trust to get fresh family from the farm

Will buy again

Mince Beef was the best, always save meat juices and fat for another dish, sadly their was not much to save out of this mince was all beef and very little fat ....Tasted fab


Down in and gone in minutes

Rolled Sirloin
sandra blake
Sirloin was lovely .

We had empty plates and non left for next days warm up (sadly).

Best of British

Lean and full of flavour, this meat did not need hours of cooking like supermarket mince but cooked lean, tender and tasty in minutes. Best mince ever!

Top Quality from Best of British farmers

Top Quality, full of flavour, best meat ever. Arrived as promised and all ready to go in the freezer.

Variety Box
Lyn Humm

Lamb2ewe is the best meat anywhere!! I don’t buy from anywhere else!!!

Gammon Joint
D Beswick
Great Gammon

My gammon is currently in freezer ready for cooking for christmas, that said if this is the same as last year I will not be disappointed. Roasted low and slow and covered in honey, apple and pear and a few chilli flakes (in fact anything I had left over in the fridge). So good I have ordered again this year and one for my daughter too. I prefer the unsmoked.

Braising Steak
D Beswick
Fantastic meat as always

Received braising steak as part of an order and cooked this in the slow cooker along with lots of veg and thick gravy. Absolutely delicious - in fact there was enough for two days and heated up in pan for second meal and served with rice and probably even better on second day. This is so tasty nothing comes close.

Chicken Breasts
Di Linton
The most delicious Chicken Breasts!

Very tasty, and large enough for us to cut each one in two. Strongly recommend.

Quarter Lamb Box
Fionna Mcfarlane
Superb meat

This is my third if not fourth purchase of meal from Lamb2ewe. It always arrives carefully packed and in good condition.
All the meat (chicken, pork, lamb and beef) is of superb quality, tender and very delicious. I no longer buy my meat from anywhere else.

Excellent, excellent, best ever. Would recommend.

Ribeye Steak
Ken Gardner

These Ribeye steaks where 5* cooked beautifully Wife's medium rare and rare for me. Would recommend to everyone.

Hereford Beef Box
Patricia Robinson

Delivered well packed and labeled well Ready to freeze..kept the joint.mince and rump steaks out ..the flavour of them were second to none...the meals i.made were totally different in taste to usual store bought ...I will definitely be purchasing more and trying other items..thank you for great service