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what you see is what you get

some of the best meat ever .


I have been a regular customer since mid 2020 and I have enjoyed the delicious meat. However, my last order was on 27/2 and still hasn’t arrived. Very poor communication yet you took the money out of my bank on 2/3 . I signed up for membership because I want to continue supporting you but I also expect better service.

Tom high standard

Thank you tom for your very high standards. Some of the best 👌 quality meat 🍖 it been my pleasure to eat . I've cooked in a few 4and 5 star hotels and your meat is top standard. I wish I could add a photo . As what you advertised is what you sell . What you see is what you get. The best meat thank you Tom for not lowering your top standards. I will be buying more . I loved it . Ps no knife needed could cut the cooked meat with my folk .

Sirloin steak

I received my dragon box 14 weeks late and the sirloin steaks looked nothing like the pictures they were very thin and wedge shaped, the free 4pack of sirloin were even worse they were about 2cm thick and very fatty your meat used to be good along with the customer service what has gone wrong?

Very tasty indeed!

As always, the meat received is very tasty and lovely quality. And also very generous sizes. The chicken breasts are about double the size you get in the supermarket. Highly recommended indeed. Thanks, Tom


Waited 9 weeks for my delivery ! Had two sirloins the other night (10/04) delivered 09/04 the two sirloins I pulled out of the four pack smelt off and tasted even worse, looked nothing like the pic on the website . Will not be ordering again. I hope the rest of the dragon box selection is better, but given the unprofessional approach by this company in over promising and under delivering I’m not holding out any hope.
If it’s the case that I’m wrong I will leave a different review for it. Fair is after all only fair.

My son cooked two of them the other day and they are really nice

They are as good as ever

I dont know about the mince as we have not had it yet but it looks nice

I dont know about the mince as we have not had it yet but it looks nice

Disappointed as not delivered to me

This should have been a free gift with my order but was not included in the delivery, when I queried it this is the response I got:
Due to the difficulties the company has been having I believe that the business owner could not uphold the free steak as this was more expensive and time consuming to get in stock.

Sorry for this disappointment. I believe the decision was made to get paid items out as quickly as possible rather than wait for the beef to mature, moved, slaughtered and hung.

This is not good enough, they should not offer a free gift if they cannot fulfil it! (Not sure why they couldn’t as the same rump steak was sent as part of the Family Value pack that I ordered and paid for!) Very disappointed in this and the poor response received.


I really don’t want to give a bad review but I placed my order on 2/03/21 and have not yet received it. I was emailed to say my order was processed but the order was for the membership! I still have no meat! Please sort it out. I have been a regular customer since June spending over £100 each time. I need to order some more but am reluctant to do so until this one arrives : (

Beautiful mince, tasty and succulent. I made a cottage pie with this mince and it was complemented by a friend. A nice change from the equally excellent beef mince and a good way to ring the changes in your cooking. Possibly I am partial to lamb, being familiar with Greek cooking, in which a lot of recipes are made from lamb and where it forms the main celebratory meal for Easter!

Beautiful, juicy and sweet. I cannot recommend this bacon highly enough! There is no comparison with local bought shop bacon. All I can say is that these pigs must have led a very happy and well fed life. As I don't buy meat other than through Lamb2ewe, since I have no access to non-religiously slaughtered meats in my area: this is the one instance that I can compare various outlets and suppliers of bacon with Lamb2ewe's bacon and in this case Lamb2ewe definitely comes out top! Well done Lamb2ewe yet again, from a very satisfied London dweller.

Lacking Customer Service

Non delivery, as yet - a few montsh after order was placed.
You asked me to send back a review about my delivery
Have requested some customer service but not had a satisfactory reply as yet.
Similar to other comments I would like to support local farming but feel disappointed in the communciation and service.

Quality Sirloin Steaks

Just eaten one of the Sirloin Steaks and it tasted even better than expected, with a truly melt in the mouth experience.

Still haven’t received chicken fillets and steaks


Order took weeks and weeks to arry, will not be using this butcher again

Excellent Produce

Our half lamb was excellent. All our lamb was succulent English lamb and beautiful to taste. Highly recommend!

So very tasty....

Chicken is one of the main proteins of our diets and Lamb2ewe chickens are the best I have prepared and cooked. Excellent value as they tick all the boxes.... ethical, value, taste with lots of natural flavour...The carcass produces excellent stock too...nothing is wasted.

Well worth the wait I can’t recommend more highly the quality of the meat. As a regular customer I have never been disappointed.

Non delivery

You asked me to send back a review about my delivery
As off yet I have not received my goods I wish the company would for fill there orders first
I always try @ support our local farmers but feel very disappointed in the service I received

Value pack

Recieved my value pack and had the burgers and theybwhere delicious as usual i woudnt get my meat from anywhere else


2 x fillets for special occasion and wasn't disappointed. The steaks needed a little attention to remove the fillet sinew, then tied but WOW..... SO MUCH Flavour and melted in the mouth. Will purchase again...


My wifes says VERY GOOD! She loved it!

I have not received my goods as you have made a mistake and there is no delivery
I always try and support the local farmers but alas I have bee been let down one again