High Quality Animal Welfare

We take our animals welfare and slaughter process seriously. Please read our policy for more information

Our Policy

None religious slaughter

We use Merrick’s Abattoir(UK 4322) to provide our slaughter services as they are a family run business that is relatively close to us and they DO NOT provide religious slaughtering. We believe that the consumer has the right to choose between religious and non-religious slaughtering.

Please see this link for more details https://www.mettricksbutchers.com/pages/abattoir-services

We champion animal welfare and so we support FULL Stun slaughter as a means of the quickest and least painful dispatch of an animal.

Our poultry are slaughtered ‘on farm’ by a certified and competent person who also uses the full stun method. As our supplier raises only a few hundred birds per year they are permitted to provide on the farm slaughter so long as the certified person is carrying out the slaughter. They are also registered with their local authority for food hygiene compliance. Our supplier DOES NOT offer religious slaughter.

All of our suppliers and abattoirs are vetted for this.

Life on the farm

The majority of animals spend their lives out in open fields with exceptional grass and herb diversity. However, due to the weather it may mean that from time to time they may need to be brought inside, this is the reality of farming animals in the UK. Constant wet weather and muddy fields aren’t ideal for any animal, even pigs so they may be brought in until the weather and ground conditions improve.

We only work with small independent family farms that may only produce a handful of animal each year, this way we know that they’re receiving the best animal husbandry possible.



Points to mention

  • We don’t offer religiously slaughtered meat
  • We don’t use suppliers who offer religiously slaughtered meat
  • We carefully vet all of our suppliers
  • We champion animal welfare
  • We offer information on humane slaughter and animal welfare


Please visit https://www.hsa.org.uk/ for more information regarding humane slaughter

Jack performing a routine health inspection